Creating and Sending a New Message



In Mail view, click the New button in the Outlook toolbar. An Untitled Message window opens.


In the To field, type the recipient's e-mail address. (To send the message to additional people, separate each address with a semicolon.)


In the Subject field, type a subject for the message.


When you want to use Outlook to send a message to someone, you open a new mail message. You then enter the person's address, type a subject for the message, and type the contents of the message. This task covers the basics of creating an e-mail message; other tasks in this part provide more details, as well as other options for creating e-mail messages.


Using Alternate Programs

This book uses the Outlook mail program for creating messages. You can also use Word to create e-mail. See "Changing the Mail Program" and "Using Word to Create E-mail" in Part 4.



Click in the message area and type a message.


Click Send on the Message window's toolbar. Assuming you are online and have set up Outlook to automatically send your messages, the message will be sent.


Typing an Address

The most important part of an e-mail message is the address. If you type the address incorrectly, your message will not be delivered. Addresses follow the format username@domain.ext?for example, username refers to the person's e-mail name (sohara); domain is the name of the person's mail or Internet provider (msn), and ext is the extension and indicates the type of provider (com).


When Messages Are Sent

Your messages are sent immediately when you click Send. If you are working offline or if you have not set up for immediate delivery, the messages are stored in the Outbox until you click Send/Receive. See Part 4 for more information.