Sending a Status Report



After you open the task for which you want to send a report, click the Send Status Report button.


Outlook creates a new mail message with the details of the report. Click the To button to select the recipient for the report.


Select the person to whom you want to send the status report, and click To. The person is added to the message address; click OK.


The selected name is listed in the mail message. Click the Send button in the Message window to send the report.


During your work, you may want to inform others of your progress. You can do so by sending a status report. The report will include the task's subject, due date, status, percent complete, total work estimated for the project, actual work, and your name.


Multiple Copies

You can select multiple contacts by selecting each contact and then clicking To. You can also send a carbon copy by selecting their names and then clicking Cc.


No Overall Report

Outlook does not provide an overall status report on all your tasks. You can, though, view a task timeline by selecting this option under Current View in the task pane.