Searching for an Appointment



In Calendar, click the Find button on the Outlook toolbar.


A special Find bar appears. In the Look For field, type a word or phrase that identifies the appointment you seek.


Click the Find Now button.


Outlook displays matching items. To open a matched item, double-click it. To close the search results, click the Close button on the far right side of the Find bar.


You can easily scroll through dates to view upcoming appointments. If you are looking for a particular event and are not sure when it is scheduled, however, use the Find button.


Setting Search Options

You can change the search options by clicking the Options button and then clicking Advanced Find. Use it to search by many other criteria, such as attendees, scheduled time, or importance.


Searching Other Outlook Areas

You can use the Search In drop-down list to select to search other Outlook areas, including various mail folders, tasks, and so on.