Viewing and Handling Task Reminders



When a Reminder dialog box appears, you'll see the task name and the date and time it's due. To dismiss the reminder (and turn off the alert), click the Dismiss button.


If you aren't ready to dismiss the reminder and instead want to receive a second reminder after a period of time, select a snooze interval.


Click the Snooze button. The Reminder dialog box will be redisplayed after the interval you specified in step 2.


If you set a reminder for a task, Outlook displays a Reminder dialog box at the set time. The dialog box contains the task's name and the date and time it is due. You have a few options for handling the reminder. Most often, you either dismiss the item or snooze the reminder.


Opening the Tasks Window

If you want to open the Tasks window to view details about the task or to reschedule it, click Open Item. After you've made the desired changes, click Save and Close.


Dismissing All Reminders

If you want to dismiss all reminders, click the Dismiss All button. You will be asked to confirm that you don't want to be reminded for any scheduled tasks; click Yes.