Searching for a Contact



Click the Find button in the main Outlook toolbar.


The Find bar opens. In the Look For text box, type the contact's name in part or in full, or any other information about the contact, such as the company he or she works for.


Click the Find Now button.


Outlook displays in the contact list only those contacts that match your search criteria. To close the search results, click the Find bar's Close button.


Scrolling through the list to find a particular contact can be tedious. Instead, you can search for a contact. You might also search if you can't remember the name of your contact but do remember some other detail. You can search on any field.


Opening Matched Items

You open contacts that match your search criteria just as you do any other contacts in a contact list: by double-clicking them.


Setting Search Options

Change the search options by clicking the Find bar's Options button and then clicking Advanced Find. You can select to search based on category, e-mail address, or other entries. Make your choices and click Find Now.