A Web address typed in the proper format. You can click the address to go to that Web site.

See also [Web address]

See [Instant Messaging (IM)]

An Outlook folder that stores messages that you have received.

Instant Messaging (IM)

An Outlook feature that lets you type text and send it immediately to another individual who is online. You can have a live conversation by typing comments back and forth.


A network of networks, the Internet enables you to send and receive email. It also enables you to view and access information on the Web.

Internet Explorer

The Internet browser program included with Windows XP and commonly used to view Web pages. You can use the Web toolbar in Outlook to open Internet Explorer and display a Web page.

Internet service provider (ISP)

The company that you use for your Internet connection. You connect to your ISP, and then through that network access Web sites and send and receive email messages.

See [Internet service provider]