Editing a Mailing List



In the contact list, double-click the mailing list.


The Distribution List window opens, featuring the names of current list members. To remove a member, click his or her name in the list.


Click the Remove button. The contact is removed from the list.


To add a new member, click the Select Members button.


Your mailing list may change from time to time. For example, if you've built a mailing list that contains all the people who are working with you on a particular project, and one of the team members leaves the company, you'll want to update the list to reflect the change. Alternatively, you may need to add more people to the list as your team grows. You can easily view and make changes to the contacts included in a mailing list.


No Names Listed?

If no names are listed in the Select Members dialog box, or if the names you need do not appear, it may be because the wrong contact list is being displayed. Click the down-arrow next to the Show Names From The field and choose the correct contact list from the drop-down list that appears.



The Select Members dialog box opens, featuring a list of your contacts. Click a name to add it to the list.


Click the Members button.


Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each contact you want to add to the mailing list. When you finish adding contacts, click the OK button.


The new members are added to the list. Click the Save and Close button in the Distribution List window to save the changes.


The Add New Button

Although it seems like you should, you don't use the Add New button in the Distribution List window to add names to a mailing list. Instead, you click this button to create an entirely new contact record. Click Add New to open an Untitled Contact window, and then add the contact information as usual.