Saving a Message to Send Later



After you create a rough draft of a message, open the File menu and choose Save.


Close the message by clicking its Close (x) button. The message is saved in the Drafts folder.


For particularly involved messages, you may want to create a draft, save the draft, and review and send the message later. Alternatively, you might save a draft of message if you are interrupted and need to complete the message at a later time.


Holding Off on "Hot" Messages

If your emotions are riding high, it's a good idea to wait before you send an e-mail message. It can be easy to misconstrue the tone of an e-mail message without voice, facial expressions, and other elements that are in play for face-to-face or even telephone conversations. So be safe rather than sorry!



To open a saved message, click the Drafts folder in the All Mail Folders list. (You can tell that the Draft folder contains unsent messages because its name is bold; the number of messages it contains is indicated in parentheses.)


Double-click the message in the Drafts message list.


Make changes to the message as needed and then send the message as usual.


Forget to Save?

If you close a message without sending or saving it, Outlook prompts you to save it. Click Yes to save a copy of the message in the Drafts folder.


Cancel Message

If you want to close and cancel a message, click the Message window's Close (x) button. Outlook will ask whether you want to save the message; click No.