Assigning a Task



After you've created a new task or opened an existing one, click the Assign Task button in the Tasks window.


The Tasks window changes to a Message window that includes details about the task. Click the To button in the window.


Select the person who is assigned to this task from the list and click To. The person is added to the message address; click OK.


Click Send to send the message and create the task. Outlook keeps a copy in your Tasks list and will send you a status report when the task is completed.


You can use Outlook not only to create a Tasks list, but also to assign a task to an individual. When you assign a task, you enter the task details and send the item as an e-mail message to the appointed person.


Keeping Contact Information

In addition to assigning tasks, you can also associate contacts with a task. You might do this when others aren't responsible for completing a task, but need to be kept apprised of its status. To do so, click the Contacts button in the Tasks window and then select the associated contacts. These names are then added to the task information.