cascade menu

A menu that appears when you select certain pull-down menu commands.

CD-ROM drive

A special computer disk drive that's designed to handle CD-ROM discs, which resemble audio CDs. CD-ROMs have enormous capacity (about 500 times that of a typical floppy disk), so they're most often used to hold large applications, graphics libraries, and huge collections of shareware programs.

character formatting

Changing the look of text characters by altering their font, size, style, and more.

character spacing

The amount of space a font reserves for each character. In a monospaced font, every character gets the same amount of space regardless of its true width. In a proportional font, the space allotted to each letter varies according to the width of the letter.

check box

A square-shaped switch that toggles a dialog box option on or off. The option is toggled on when a check mark appears in the box.


To quickly press and release the left mouse button.


An area of memory that holds data temporarily during cut-and-paste operations.

command button

A rectangular "button" (usually found in dialog boxes) that, when clicked, runs whatever command is spelled out on it.


The options you see in a pull-down menu. You use these commands to tell the application what you want it to do next.