Task 3: Applying a Background Image



In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Desktop tab. (Refer to the preceding task if you need help opening the Display Properties dialog box.)


In the Desktop tab, click one of the entries in the Background list.


The selected background image appears in the sample monitor on the Desktop tab. To apply the image to your desktop, click the OK button.


The background image is added to your desktop.


You can personalize your desktop in Windows by applying a background image. Windows offers many colorful image options, including a tropical island, an arid desert, and bubbles.


Desktop Not Covered?

If you see only one small image in the center of your screen when selecting a background image, click the Position drop-down list and choose Tile. Click Apply, and then click OK to accept the changes.


Display Your Own Photo

To display one of your own digital photos click the Browse button on the Desktop tab. Then double-click the image you want to use. That file will appear at the bottom of the Desktop tab's Background list; select it as you would any other background.