Task 1: Understanding the Desktop



The desktop background is the area you see where icons are placed.


Desktop icons provide access to commonly used programs, folders, and files. Some icons are displayed by default. You can add other icons.


The Start button is where you access programs and open folders.


The taskbar displays buttons for open windows and programs. The status bar part of the taskbar displays the date and status icons. For example, if you are printing, you see a printer icon in this area.


The desktop is your starting place, what you see when you first start your computer and Windows XP. This opening screen provides access to all the programs and files on your computer. This task introduces the main parts of your desktop.


Change the Desktop Background

You can change the appearance of this background. See Part 10, "Personalizing Windows," for more help on changing the appearance of the desktop.


Add Desktop Icons

By default, the Windows XP displays the Recycle Bin. You can also display the My Documents folder and the My Computer icon, as shown here. For help on adding these particular icons to the desktop, see Part 10.