Task 1: Sending a Fax



Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications, Fax, and finally Send a Fax.


Click Next to move from the welcome screen to the first step.


Enter the name and fax number of the recipient. Click Next.


To help you send a fax, Windows XP provides a Fax Send Wizard that leads you through the step of creating and sending a fax cover page. You can also fax documents created in Windows programs by "printing" to the fax; the program will use the fax modem you have set up with the configuration wizard.


Set Up Fax

To use Windows XP to send a fax, you must configure your fax. If you have a fax modem, Windows should find and set up the hardware. Also, the fax software should be installed. If the fax program is not installed, you can add it. See Part 11, "Setting Up Programs." If you need to change or update the fax configuration, you can do so using the Fax Configuration Wizard. You can start this from the Fax Console, covered in the next task.



Type a subject and the note for the fax cover sheet. Click Next.


Select when to send the fax and click Next.


Click Finish. The fax is sent at the time you selected for step 5.


Cover Page Template

You can select from several cover page templates. To select a different template, display the Cover page template drop-down list (see step 4) and select the template to use.


Preview Fax

To preview the fax as it will appear when received and printed by the recipient, click the Preview Fax button in the last dialog box.


Fax a Document

To fax a document, open the document and then select File, Print. In the Print dialog box, select Fax for the printer. Complete the recipient and other information, clicking Next to complete each step in the fax wizard. The document is then faxed to that recipient.