Task 9: Changing How the Mouse Works



Click the Start button and choose Control Panel.


Double-click the Mouse icon in the Control Panel window. (You may need to click the Switch to Classic View link in the left-most pane in order to reveal the Mouse icon.)


In the Buttons tab of the Mouse Properties dialog box click the Switch primary and secondary buttons check box to make the button on the right the one you use for clicking and dragging.


Adjust the Double-click speed slider to make the double-click speed faster or slower, depending on your needs.


You can adjust your mouse to make it work the way you want. For example, if you are left-handed, you can switch the mouse buttons. If you have trouble double-clicking, you can adjust the double-click speed. If you're not crazy about the way your mouse pointer looks onscreen, you can change it. In addition, you can slow your pointer speed to make it easier to see your mouse pointer when you move it onscreen.



Click the Turn on ClickLock check box to enable ClickLock, which allows you to highlight or drag without holding down the mouse button.



In the Pointers tab, display the Scheme drop-down list and choose the scheme you want to use.


A preview of each pointer in the chosen scheme (in this case, Dinosaur) is displayed.


In the Pointer Options tab, drag the Select a pointer speed slider to the right or the left to make the pointer speed faster or slower.


Click OK to accept the changes and to close the dialog box.


Use Original Pointers

To go back to the default scheme, display the Pointers tab of the Mouse Properties dialog box, and then select None from the Scheme drop-down list.


Intellimouse Settings

If you use an Intellimouse (the kind with the wheel in the middle), you can adjust how many lines are scrolled each time you notch the wheel. Simply display the Wheel tab, and select either the Scroll this many lines or Scroll one screen at a time radio button. If you select Scroll this many lines, enter the number of lines you want each notch of the wheel to scroll in the accompanying spin box.