Part 10. Personalizing Windows

Windows XP includes many options for setting up your work environment just the way you want. You can move and resize the taskbar, placing it where you want on the desktop. You can adjust the colors used for onscreen elements such as the title bar. You can change how the mouse works, when sounds are played, and more. This part shows you how to customize Windows XP.


  1. Customizing the Taskbar

  2. Selecting a Desktop Theme

  3. Applying a Background Image

  4. Customizing Desktop Icons

  5. Adding Desktop Content

  6. Choosing a Screen Saver

  7. Changing the Color Scheme

  8. Setting Resolution and Color Quality

  9. Changing How the Mouse Works

  10. Changing the Sound Scheme

  11. Changing the System Date and Time

  12. Setting Up Windows for Multiple Users

  13. Using Accessibility Options