Task 6: Creating and Sending New Mail



In the Outlook Express window, click the Create Mail button.


Type the recipient's address. Addresses are in the format username@domainname.ext (for example, sohara@msn.com). Press Tab.


If needed, type an address for the cc (carbon copy) and press Tab.


You can send a message to anyone with an Internet e-mail address. Simply type the recipient's e-mail address, a subject, and the message. You can also send a carbon copy (Cc) by entering an address for this field.


Wrong Address?

If you enter an incorrect address and the message is not sent, you most likely will receive a Failure to Deliver notice. Be sure to type the address in its proper format.


Select Name from Address Book

Rather than type the address, you can select it from your address book. To do so, click To and then select the name. See Task 12 "Using Your Address Book to Enter Names" later in this part.



Type a subject in the Subject text box, and then press Tab.


Type your message.


When you've completed the message, click the Send button.


Check Sent Items

By default, Outlook Express keeps a copy of all messages. To see these messages, click Sent Items in the folder list.


When Sent?

If you are connected to the Internet, the message is sent when you click the Send button. If you're not connected to the Internet, Windows places the message in the Outbox, where it remains until the next time you connect to your ISP. You can connect and send the message by clicking the Send/Recv button.