Task 12: Drawing a Shape with Paint



Click the tool you want to draw with (in this case, the Rectangle tool).


Options for the Rectangle tool are displayed. Choose whether you want to draw an empty rectangle, a filled rectangle with a border, or a filled rectangle without a border.


Move the pointer into the drawing area. Click and drag in the white canvas area to draw.


Using Paint, you can create lines, curves, rectangles, polygons, ovals, circles, and rounded rectangles. To draw a circle, square, or straight line, hold down the Shift key as you use the Ellipse, Rectangle, or Line tool.


Draw Shapes Freehand

You can draw freehand shapes, much as you would with a pencil or pen. Click the Pencil tool, move the pointer into the drawing area, and drag the pencil icon to draw.


Color an Existing Shape

Select the Fill with Color tool, click the color you want to use, and then click inside the shape you want to paint. If color spills outside the area you intended to fill, that probably means you tried to fill an area that was not closed.