scalable font

A font in which each character exists as an outline that can be scaled to different sizes. Windows XP includes such scalable fonts as Arial, Courier New, and Times New Roman. To use scalable fonts, you must have a software program called a type manager to do the scaling. Windows XP comes with its own type manager, TrueType.


A bar that appears at the bottom or on the right side of a window when the window is too small to display all its contents.


A special file that points to a program or a document. Double-clicking the shortcut starts the program or loads the document.

shortcut menu

A menu that contains a few commands related to an item (such as the desktop or the taskbar). You display the shortcut menu by right-clicking the object.


To travel from site to site on the World Wide Web.

system resources

Memory areas that Windows XP uses to keep track of things such as the position and size of open windows, dialog boxes, and your desktop configuration (wallpaper and so on).