Task 12: Getting Help



Click Start.


Click Help and Support.


Click the topic you want help on.


You can use the Windows Help command to get help on common topics. You can select from a list of topics, as covered here.


Search for Help

As an alternative to browsing the contents, you can search for help. Type the topic in the Search box and then click the Search button. The matching topics are listed in the Search Results pane on the left. Click a match in this pane to display the help topic in the pane on the right.

Go Back

You can click the Back button to go back to the previous help page.



In the list of available topics, click the topic you want.


The right pane displays a list of subtopics within this topic. Click the topic you want help with.


The help information appears in the pane on the right. When you have reviewed this information, click the Close button to close the Help window.


Use the Index

For help, you can look up words in the Index. Click the Index button in the Help window toolbar. The Index appears in the left pane. Type the keyword in the text box; the index scrolls to matching entries. Click any of these entries to display the relevant help topic in the right pane of the help window.

Print Topic

To print the current help topic, click the Print button.


Related Topics

To view related help topics, click this link in the help window, if available. You can also click any underlined text to view additional help on that help topic step or to display a definition of the item.