Part 11. Setting Up Programs

Most of the time you spend using your computer will be using some type of application. To make it as easy as possible, Windows XP enables you to set up several ways to start programs. You can create shortcuts to a program and place the shortcut on the desktop to make it more accessible. You can rearrange the programs on the Start menu so that they are more suited to how you work. You can install new programs and remove programs you no longer use. There is no right or wrong way to set up your programs; you can select the style and organization that most suit you.


  1. Working with Program Shortcuts

  2. Pinning a Program to the Start Menu

  3. Customizing the Start Menu

  4. Adding Programs to the Classic Start Menu

  5. Removing Programs from the Classic Start Menu

  6. Adding Folders to the Classic Start Menu

  7. Rearranging the Classic Start Menu

  8. Starting an Application When You Start Windows

  9. Installing Software

  10. Installing Programs Via Windows Update

  11. Uninstalling Applications

  12. Setting Default Programs

  13. Removing Windows Components