Task 1: Starting a Program from the Start Menu



Click Start and then click All Programs.


Select the program group that contains the program you want to start (in this case, Accessories).


Click the program you want to start (WordPad is selected here).


The program opens in its own window, and a taskbar button for the program appears in the taskbar.


Most of the time you spend using your computer will be spent working in some type of a program?a word processing program to type letters, a spreadsheet program to create budgets, and so on. You can start a program in any number of ways, including from the Start menu. When you install a new Windows program, that program's installation procedure will set up a program folder and program icon on the Start menu.



Windows XP keeps track of the last several programs you have opened and lists them on the opening Start menu. If the program is listed here, click it to start the program.