Part 3. Working with Folders

One part of working with Windows is learning how to work with the documents you save and store on your system. Each time you save a document (a letter, worksheet, database, or other document), that information is saved as a file on your hard disk. You assign both a specific place for the file and a name.

To keep your files organized, you can set up folders. If your hard drive is like a big filing cabinet then folders are like drawers. Each folder can hold files or other folders. You can open and close folders, view a folder's contents, copy and move folders, and create or delete folders. New with Windows XP is the Folders Tasks list, which helps you understand and access the common folder commands, as covered in this part.


  1. Opening My Computer

  2. Opening the My Documents Folder

  3. Opening the My Pictures Folder

  4. Opening the My Music Folder

  5. Selecting a Folder

  6. Navigating Folders

  7. Changing the Window View

  8. Sorting the Contents of a Window

  9. Grouping Icons

  10. Creating a New Folder

  11. Displaying the Folders List

  12. Copying Folders

  13. Moving Folders

  14. Renaming Folders

  15. Deleting Folders

  16. Changing the Folder Options