Task 12: Setting Up Windows for Multiple Users



After you've set up Windows the way you like it, double-click the User Accounts icon in the Control Panel window. (If you need help opening the Control Panel window, refer to Task 9.)


Click the Create a new account link.


Type the name of the person whose account you are setting up, and then click the Next button.


Specify what type of account you want to create by selecting either the Computer administrator or Limited radio button, and then click Create Account.


If more than one person uses your PC, each person can set up Windows the way he or she wants and then create a user profile. Each time that person logs on, all those settings will be used.


Types of User Accounts

Create a computer administrator account if you want the person for whom you are creating the account to be able to create and delete user accounts on the computer; and to change other people's account names, pictures, passwords, and account types. Otherwise, create a limited account.



The account is created. Click the account to modify it, for example, to create a password for the account.


Click the Create a password link.


Type the password you want to use, and type it again to confirm. Type a hint to help you remember the password, and then click the Create Password button.


Click the Close button to close the User Accounts window.


Modify the Account

When you select to change the name or the account type in the screen shown in step 6, the appropriate window from the User Accounts wizard appears.


Change the Picture

Click the Change the picture link in the screen shown in step 6 to change the picture associated with the account you created. You can select from digital images you have stored on your computer; just click the Browse for More Pictures button.


Switch Account

To switch from one user account to another, click the Start button, and choose Log Off. When asked if you're sure you want to log off, click the Log Off button. Then, when prompted, select the account you want to log in under.