Task 3: Cleaning Up Unnecessary Files



In the Properties dialog box for the disk you want to clean, click the Disk Cleanup button in the General tab. (Refer to the preceding task for help opening the Properties dialog box.)


The Disk Cleanup dialog box opens. Check options in the Files to delete list to specify which files are deleted, and click the OK button.


When prompted to confirm the removal, click the Yes button. A dialog box will indicate Disk Cleanup's progress.


Unnecessary files might be hogging your disk space. For example, the Recycle Bin houses files that you have deleted but are still kept in case you need them. You can easily get rid of these and other files and gain some disk space by using Disk Cleanup.


Review Files

You can view the files that are recommended for removal. Select the files you want to view, and then click the View Files button.



Be sure you don't need any of these files. You cannot get them back after they are removed.