Task 6: Printing a File from a File Window



Select the file(s) you want to print.


Click the Print this file link.


Windows opens the associated program and prints the file(s). You see a status message as the file(s) are printed.


If do not want to open a document and then print from the program, you can print from a folder window. Printing from a folder window is helpful when you want to print several files; you can select all of the files and print them with one command.


Printer Setup

Windows XP uses the default printer you have selected. For more information on setting up printers and printing, see Part 5, "Working with Printers, Scanners, and Digital Cameras."


E-mail a File

You can e-mail a file by selecting it, clicking E-mail this file, and then completing the mail window (entering the address and any text to accompany the file attachment). See Part 7, "Sending Faxes and E-mail" for more information.