Task 7: Copying a File



Select the file(s) you want to copy.


Click the Copy this file link.


Select the folder in which you want to place the file. Click the Copy button.


Windows copies the files to the new location. You can also open that folder.


Windows makes it easy to copy files from one folder to another and from one disk to another. You might copy files to create a backup copy or to revise one copy while keeping the original file intact.


Drag-and-Drop Copying

To use drag-and-drop to copy files, display the Folders List by clicking the Folders button. Then in the pane on the right, display and select the files. Hold the Ctrl key and drag the file to its destination in the folder list on the left.


Expand Folder List

You can expand the folder listing by clicking the plus sign next to the icon, drive, or folder.