Task 9: Installing New Hardware



After you've connected the device to your computer, open the Control Panel, and double-click the Add Hardware icon.


The Add Hardware Wizard starts. If you don't have an installation CD, click the Next button to continue. Otherwise, insert the CD, and skip the remaining steps.


Windows determines whether the new device is Plug and Play. If not, click the Add a new hardware device option in the Installed hardware list, and click Next.


Click the Search for and install the hardware automatically radio button, and then click the Next button.


You can install a new hardware device by using Windows XP's Add New Hardware wizard, which asks you questions about the hardware. If you do not know the answers, Windows can detect the type of hardware and install it with little input from you. Windows calls this handy feature Plug and Play.


Automatic Setup

If Windows detected your hardware, it is set up automatically. You might be prompted to insert the appropriate software disks to set up the hardware. Follow the onscreen directions.


Opening Control Panel

To open the Control Panel, click the Start button and choose Control Panel.



Windows searches your machine for non?Plug and Play devices.


If a device is detected, Windows installs it automatically; click the Finish button to close the wizard. If no devices are found (as shown here), click the Next button to continue.


A list of common hardware types appears. Click the category that best describes the type of device you want to install, and then click the Next button.


Click the device manufacturer, select the model, and click Next. What happens next depends on the hardware you're installing; follow the wizard's instructions to complete the process.


Plug and Play

Most newer devices are Plug and Play, so chances are you won't need to go beyond step 4.


Steps Vary

Depending on the type of device, the steps you follow will vary. Simply follow the wizard's instructions, clicking Next to go to the next step.


Hardware Not Detected

If the hardware is not automatically detected, you can install it manually. Select No, the device isn't in the list. Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions.