Part 12. Maintaining Your System

This part of the book introduces some techniques that are useful for maintaining your system: defragmenting a disk, scanning a disk for damage, restoring your system, and others. Although you don't have to do these tasks every day, you should periodically do some system housecleaning. For example, if your PC performance has been slow, you might defragment your disk. Check this section for these and other system enhancements and maintenance.


  1. Displaying System Information

  2. Displaying Disk Information

  3. Cleaning Up Unnecessary Files

  4. Scanning Your Disk for Errors

  5. Defragmenting a Disk

  6. Scheduling Tasks

  7. Formatting a Floppy Disk

  8. Transferring Files and Settings from Another PC

  9. Installing New Hardware

  10. Restoring Your System