Task 15: Deleting Folders



Select the folder you want to delete.


Click the Delete this folder link.


Click the Yes button to confirm the deletion.


The folder is deleted.


You can delete folders when you no longer need them. When you delete a folder, you also delete its contents. Windows XP places deleted folders in the Recycle Bin. You can restore deleted items from the Recycle Bin if you realize you have placed items there by accident.


Cancel Deletion

If you change your mind, click No in the Confirm Folder Delete dialog box. Or undo the deletion by selecting the Edit, Undo command. As another option, restore the folder from the Recycle Bin. See Part 4 for information on opening and restoring items from the Recycle Bin.


When you delete a folder from a floppy drive, that item is not placed in the Recycle Bin; it is immediately deleted from your system.