Task 5: Removing Programs from the Classic Start Menu



In the Customize Classic Start Menu dialog box, click the Remove button. (Refer to the preceding task if you need help reaching this dialog box.)


The Remove Shortcuts/Folders dialog box opens. Locate and click the program you want to remove.


Click the Remove button.


At first, you might go a little crazy and add all kinds of icons to your Start menu. But after you use the computer more and more, you might want to streamline the Start menu and weed out programs that you don't use.


Expand the Listing

To display and select the program you want to remove, you might need to expand the folder listings. Click the plus sign next to the folder that contains the desired program.



Keep in mind that removing a program from the Start menu does not remove the program and its files from your hard disk. To do this, you must uninstall the program or manually delete it and its related folders and files (see Task 11).



The Confirm File Delete dialog box opens, asking whether you're sure you want to delete the shortcut. Click the Yes button.


The program is removed. Click the Close button to close the Remove Shortcuts/Folders dialog box.


Remove a Folder

You can follow this procedure to remove a folder from the Start menu. Simply select the folder, and then click the Remove button. You are prompted to confirm the removal before the folder and all its contents are removed.


Close the Dialog Boxes

Click the OK button to close the Customize Classic Start Menu dialog box. Then click OK to close the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box.