data files

The files used by you or your programs.

See also [program files]


A metaphor for the screen that you see when Windows XP starts. Starting a Windows XP application is similar to putting a folder full of papers (the application window) on your desk. To do some work, you pull some papers out of the folder (the document windows) and place them on the desktop.

device driver

A small program that controls the way a device (such as a mouse or printer) works with your system.

dialog boxes

Windows that pop up on the screen to ask you for information or to seek confirmation of an action you requested.

digital camera

A special camera that saves pictures using digital storage (such as a memory card) instead of film.

See [folder]
See [floppy disk]
document window

A window opened in an application. Document windows hold whatever you're working on in the application.


To quickly press and release the left mouse button twice in succession.

double-click speed

The maximum amount of time Windows XP allows between the mouse clicks of a double-click.


To press and hold down the left mouse button and then move the mouse.


A technique you use to run commands or move things around; you use your mouse to drag files or icons to strategic screen areas and drop them there.

drop-down list box

A list box that normally shows only a single item but, when selected, displays a list of options.


A type of storage medium similar to a CD-ROM but with better sound, graphics, and video quality. Some computers now come with a DVD drive rather than a CD-ROM drive. You can find movies and programs on DVDs. You can also use standard data and audio CDs in a DVD drive.