Task 2: Pinning a Program to the Start Menu



Navigate your folder structure to locate the program you want to pin to your Start menu and right-click the program icon.


Choose Pin to Start menu from the menu that appears.


When you install most programs, they are added automatically to the Start menu. If a program is not added during installation, you can add it yourself. Windows XP enables you to "pin" a program to your Start menu.



You can also display the program name in the Start menu. Right-click the name and select Pin to Start menu.



The program is added to the top of your Start menu.


To unpin the program from your Start menu, open the menu, right-click the program entry, and choose Unpin from Start menu.


Move the Program

When you pin a program to your Start menu, it is placed in the left column of the menu. You can drag the pinned program to the My Stuff, My Pictures, or My Music folder, but nowhere else within the Start menu. If you want to organize your Start menu in a certain way, with specific applications in specific folders, you'll need to switch to Classic view. Several tasks in this chapter cover managing the Start menu in Classic view.