Task 2: Viewing File Details



Select the file.


If necessary, click the Expand button graphics/04inl01.jpg for the Details area.


You see file information on the selected file. You may need to scroll through the Explorer Bar to view all of the information.


When you are working with files, you may not be able to tell from the file name what the file contains. In that case, you can view basic file information by expanding the Details area of the folder window.


Change Views

Another way to get an idea of the content of a file is to change how the window content is displayed. You can display a list (shown here), icons, tiles, or a detailed list. See Part 3, "Working with Folders," for more information.


Several Files Selected

When you select more than one file, you see information about the total number of files selected, the total file size of the selected files, and a list of the selected files in the Details area.