Explorer bar

The left pane of a folder window. You can choose to display different lists in this area, including a Folders list, a History list, or a Favorites list.


A list of folders, files, or Web sites. You can add items to the Favorites list and then quickly access the item.


An organized unit of information inside your computer.

floppy disk

A portable storage medium that consists of a flexible magnetic disk protected by a plastic case. Floppy disks are available in a variety of sizes and capacities.


A storage location on your hard disk in which you keep related files together.

Folder list

A list of the drives and folders on your system. In folder windows, you can display the Folder list by clicking the Folders button.


A character set of a specific typeface, type style, and type size.

format bar

A series of text boxes and buttons that enable you to format the characters in your document. The format bar typically appears under the toolbar.


The process of setting up a disk so that a drive can read its information and write information to it. Not to be confused with character formatting.


When a single file is chopped up and stored in separate chunks scattered around a hard disk. You can fix this by running Windows XP's Disk Defragmenter program.