Task 9: Deleting a File



Select the file(s) you want to delete.


Click the Delete this file button.


Click Yes to confirm the deletion.


Windows removes the file(s), placing it in the Recycle Bin.


Eventually, your computer will become full of files, and you'll have a hard time organizing and storing them all. You can delete any files you no longer need. You can also make room by copying files you want to keep, but don't need to work with again, to a disk. Then you can delete the files from your hard drive.


Undo the Deletion

You can undo a deletion by selecting the Undo command from the Edit menu. Alternatively, you can retrieve the deleted item from the Recycle Bin, as covered in the next task.


Delete Shortcuts

Other alternatives for deleting files include right-clicking the file and choosing Delete from the shortcut menu, or selecting the file and pressing the Delete key on your keyboard.