Task 6: Choosing a Screen Saver



In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Screen Saver tab. (Refer to Task 2 if you need help opening the Display Properties dialog box.)


Click the Screen saver drop-down list box arrow to display the list of available screen savers, and then select the screen saver you want to use.


The selected screen saver appears on the sample monitor. Type in the Wait text box the number of minutes you want Windows to wait before it starts the screen saver.


Click the OK button. The next time your computer is idle for the amount of time specified in step 3, the screen saver will be activated.


In the past, screen savers helped prevent your monitor's screen from burn-in, in which a "ghost" of the Windows screen was still visible, even after you turned off your computer. Although modern monitors do not suffer from burn-in, many people still use screen savers for fun.


Set Screen Saver Options

Click the Settings button to select options for how the screen saver is displayed; these options vary depending on the screen saver.

Deactivate Screen Saver

When the screen saver is displayed, move the mouse or press the spacebar to return to the normal view.