Part 8. Connecting to the Internet

If you have a modem and an Internet connection, you can use Internet Explorer, the Web browser included with Windows XP, to explore the Internet. You can use Internet Explorer to view World Wide Web pages, to search for specific topics, and to set privacy and security features to ensure safe browsing.

To explore the Internet, you must have a modem and an Internet connection. You can get this connection through online providers such as America Online or MSN, or you can get an account from an independent Internet service provider (ISP). Before you can take advantage of all the benefits of the Internet, you must set up your Internet connection. The specifics of setting up depend on your type of connection and your provider, so they are not covered here. Follow the specific instructions you received from your Internet provider to set up your connection and your e-mail account. You can use the Internet Connection Wizard to do so.


  1. Starting Internet Explorer

  2. Browsing with Links

  3. Typing an Address

  4. Searching the Internet

  5. Adding a Site to Your Favorites List

  6. Going to a Site in Your Favorites List

  7. Rearranging Your Favorites List

  8. Using the History List

  9. Clearing the History List

  10. E-mailing a Page or Link

  11. Setting Your Home Page

  12. Setting Internet Privacy Levels

  13. Turning on Firewall Protection