Task 8: Using the Media Library



Click the Media Library button in Windows Media Player.


Click the plus sign next to Audio. Music you have copied to the Media Library is categorized by album, artist, and genre.


To organize all of the various media on your PC, you can use the Media Library. This library stores music and videos by several different methods so that you can find a particular file for playback.


Copy Tracks

To copy tracks from a CD to the Media Library, refer to Task 7 "Copying CD Tracks."



Expand the category until you see the song you want to play. For instance, you can expand the Album category to display any tracks you have copied.


Select the song you want to play in the track list. Click the Play button. The song is played.


Search for a Track

If you use the Media Library to store several files, finding the one you want by browsing through the categories may be difficult. To search for a file, click Search. Type the word or phrase to find and click Search. To display any matches click View Results. The matches are listed in the right pane.


Store Videos

You can also use the Media Library to store and play video files. To display available video files, click the plus sign next to videos. Then select any of the categories to display the video clips you have stored. See Task 12 "Playing a Video Clip."