Task 13: Removing Windows Components



In the Add or Remove Programs window, click Add/Remove Windows Components. (Refer to the Task 9 for help finding the Add or Remove Programs window.)


Select the Accessories and Utilities entry in the Components list, and click the Details button.


A dialog box, listing subcomponents of Accessories and Utilities, opens. Select the Games entry, and click the Details button.


The games included with Windows XP are listed in the dialog box that appears. Click the Minesweeper check box to uncheck it, and then click the OK button.


If you have a new PC, it probably came with Windows already installed?which means that it probably features several components that you might not want or need. For example, you might wish to remove one or all of the games included with Microsoft XP to eliminate the temptation to waste time playing them. This task shows you how to delete Minesweeper.



The dialog box shown in step 3 reappears, with the Games checkbox grayed out. Click the OK button.


The dialog box shown in step 2 reappears, with the Accessories and Utilities checkbox grayed out. Click the Next button.


A dialog box with progress bar indicates the progress of the component removal.


A window appears, indicating that the process is complete. Click the Finish button.


Gray Versus Checked

If an item is checked, it is installed. Items that are gray and checked have some, but not all, of the items installed.


Add Windows Components

Adding a Windows component is rather like removing one. The difference is that when you see the screen like the one in step 4, where you unchecked the component you wanted to remove, you check the component you want to add. Windows XP asks you to insert your Windows XP CD-ROM; do so, and the component will be added!