Task 9: Installing Software



Click the Start button and choose Control Panel.


Double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon. (You may need to switch to Classic view first.)


The Add or Remove Programs window opens. Click the Add New Programs button.


When you bought your computer, it might have come with certain programs already installed. If you want to add to these, you can purchase additional programs and then install them on your system. Different programs employ different installation processes. That is, the steps you take to install one program will differ from the steps you'll take to install another. Windows XP's Add or Remove Programs function enables you to begin the process of installing programs from a CD-ROM, a floppy disk, a network, or Microsoft Windows Update.



To add a program from a CD or floppy disk, click the CD or Floppy button.


Insert the program's CD-ROM or floppy disk, and click the Next button. What happens next depends the software you are installing; follow the onscreen directions.


Add Icons

The installation program usually adds an icon to your Start menu so that you can easily start the program. If it does not, you can add one for the program. Refer to Task 2 or Task 4 in this part.


Use the Run Command

If this procedure does not work, you can use the Run command to run the installation program. Insert the CD-ROM or disk into the appropriate drive, and then click the Start button and choose Run. Enter the path and program name to run the installation program, and click OK. (If you don't know the name of the program or its path, click the Browse button and use the Browse dialog box to find the file.) Follow the onscreen instructions.