Task 10: Changing the Sound Scheme



Double-click the Sounds and Audio Devices icon in the Control Panel window (refer to Task 9, "Changing How the Mouse Works," if you need help opening the Control Panel window). Also you need to change to Classic view.


Click the Sounds tab. The Sounds and Audio Devices Properties dialog box opens.


In the Program events list, click the sound event you want to change.


When you perform certain actions in Windows XP, you might hear a sound. For example, you hear a sound when Windows XP is started. You might hear a sound when an alert box is displayed. You can stick with the default sounds, or you can select a different sound to use for each key Windows event.


Select a Scheme

If you have sound schemes, you can select a set of sounds by displaying the Schemes drop-down list in the Sounds tab of the Sounds and Audio Devices dialog box. Select the scheme you want, and then click OK.



Display the Sounds drop-down list to select the sound that you want to assign to that event.


Click OK to accept the changes and to close the dialog box.


Preview the Selected Sound

To hear a preview of the sound, click the Play button to the right of the Sounds drop-down list.


Browse for Sounds

If the sound you want to use is not listed in the Sounds list, click the Browse button. A standard Browse dialog box opens, enabling you to locate the sound file you want to use.


No Sound?

If you don't want a sound played for an event, select that event and choose None from the Sounds list.