Task 3: Viewing File Properties



Right-click the file and select Properties from the shortcut menu.


You see the Properties dialog box for the file, which lists the type of file, the program used to open that file, the location where the file is stored, and other important file information.


When you are done viewing the file properties, click the OK button.


If you want detailed information beyond the file name, size, author, and modification dates, you can display the file properties. You might display file properties if you cannot remember what a file contains or if you want to compare this file with another file, for example, a backup of the same file.


Other Tabs

Depending on the type of file, other information tabs may be available. Microsoft Office documents, for instance, have a Summary tab that displays key information about the document. Click the tab to view the information.


Make Changes

You can make changes to the file properties. Check Read-only to allow users to open the file, but not change anything in the file. To change the associated program, see Task 12, "Setting File Associations" later in this part.