Part 1. Getting Started

You don't need to do anything to start Windows XP other than turn on your PC. Windows starts automatically when you turn on your computer, and you see a screen called the desktop. The desktop is your starting point. Here you find the key tools for working with your computer. From your Windows desktop, you can open and switch between applications, search for specific folders, print documents, and perform other tasks. This section covers the basics of working with the desktop.


  1. Understanding the Desktop

  2. Understanding the Start Menu

  3. Opening and Closing a Window

  4. Minimizing a Window

  5. Maximizing a Window

  6. Moving a Window

  7. Resizing a Window

  8. Arranging Windows on the Desktop

  9. Using Menus

  10. Using Shortcut Menus

  11. Using a Dialog Box

  12. Getting Help

  13. Getting Context-Sensitive Help

  14. Restarting and Shutting Down the Computer