Task 8: Sorting the Contents of a Window



Open the window you want to sort. In this case, the window is displayed in Detail view so that you can see the results of sorting.


Click View, Arrange Icons By and choose the sort order you want (in this case, Modified).


Windows sorts the files in the selected order. For example, this view shows the files sorted by modification date. Note the sort column is indicated with shading and an icon in the heading.


You sort the contents of a window so that you can more easily find the folders and files you want. Windows enables you to arrange the contents of a window by name, type, date, and size. All views show the sort, but the change is most apparent in Details view.


Sort in Details View

You can also click the column header in the Details view to sort by that column. Click once to sort in ascending order; click the column heading again to sort in descending order.


My Computer Sorts

If you are working in the My Computer window, you have different options for arranging the icons. You can arrange by name, type, total size, free space, or comment.