Part 7. Sending Faxes and E-mail

Having a PC provides several ways for you to stay in contact. Most PCs include a modem or a fax modem. With a fax modem, you can use the Windows XP accessories programs to send and receive faxes.

With a regular modem or a fax modem and an Internet mail provider, you can send and receive e-mail. To handle this type of correspondence, you can use the mail program, Outlook Express, included with Windows XP. Note that you do not use Outlook Express for faxing.


  1. Sending a Fax

  2. Receiving and Viewing Faxes

  3. Starting Outlook Express

  4. Reading Mail

  5. Responding to Mail

  6. Creating and Sending New Mail

  7. Attaching a File

  8. Opening a File Attachment

  9. Deleting Messages

  10. Setting E-mail Options

  11. Adding Addresses to Your Address Book

  12. Using Your Address Book to Enter Names

  13. Organizing Messages in Folders

  14. Moving Messages

  15. Cleaning Out the Deleted Items Folder