Task 4: Typing Text



Type the text. You don't need to press Enter at the end of each line; WordPad automatically wraps the lines within a paragraph.


To end a paragraph and start a new one, press Enter. The insertion point moves to the next line.


To add text to a paragraph you've already typed, click the spot where you want to make the change, and start typing.


The existing text moves over to make room.


To add text to a new document, simply type the text you want to include, much like you do with a typewriter. Unlike a typewriter, though, WordPad enables you to easily change what you've typed.


Press Backspace to Erase

If you make a mistake while typing, press the Backspace key to delete one character at a time. Then retype the text.

Undo a Change

You can undo the last action by clicking the Edit menu and choosing Undo.


Save Your Document

Be sure to save your document as you continue to work on it. Click File and choose Save (or click the Save button on the toolbar) to save your work. For more information, refer to Part 2, Task 6, "Saving a Document."