Task 7: Changing the Color Scheme



In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Appearance tab. (Refer to Task 2 if you need help opening the Display Properties dialog box.)


Open the Color scheme drop-down list and select the scheme you want to apply.


The scheme you selected is previewed in the Sample window. To apply the scheme, click the OK button.


The scheme is applied.


Windows XP enables you to change the sets of colors used for certain onscreen elements such as the title bar, background, and so on. These sets of colors are called schemes, and you can select colors that work best for you and your monitor.


Additional Effects

For additional customization options, click the Effects button on the Appearance tab to open the Effects dialog box. From there, you can apply transition effects to menus and tooltips, indicate the method used to smooth font edges.


Original Colors

To revert to the original colors, select the Windows Standard scheme from the list.