The horizontal strip across the bottom of the Windows XP screen. Each running application is given its own taskbar button, and you switch to an application by clicking its button. Sometimes called the system tray.

text box

A screen area in which you type text information, such as a description or a filename.

text editor

A program that lets you edit files that contain only text. The Windows XP text editor is called Notepad.

title bar

The area on the top line of a window that displays the window's title.


A series of application-specific buttons that typically appears beneath the menu bar.

tracking speed

The speed at which the mouse pointer moves across the screen when you move the mouse on its pad.


A font-management program that comes with Windows XP.

type size

A measurement of the height of a font. Type size is measured in points; there are 72 points in an inch.

type style

Character attributes, such as regular, bold, and italic. Other type styles (often called type effects) are underline and strikethrough.


A distinctive graphic design of letters, numbers, and other symbols.