Task 1: Opening My Computer



Click Start.


Click My Computer.


You see icons for each of the drives on your computer as well as system folders. Double-click the icon representing your hard drive (usually C:).


Each folder icon represents a folder on your hard drive. Each page icon represents a document (file). Click the Close button to close the window.


My Computer is an icon that represents all of the drives on your system. To open folders and display files, you often start by opening My Computer. Once you open this window, you can then open any of your drives to see the folders and files contained on that drive.


Use Shortcut Icon

If you have added the shortcut icon for My Computer to your desktop, you can double-click this icon to open My Computer, as covered in Part 10, "Personalizing Windows."


Tasks Pane

Windows XP displays a Tasks list with common tasks as well as Other Places and a Details area. When you click an icon, you can see information about the icon in the Details area.