Part 5. Working with Printers, Scanners, and Digital Cameras

All Windows programs use the same setup for your printer, which saves time and ensures that you can print from any Windows program without resetting for each program. When you first install Windows, it sets up your printer. If needed, you can set up more than one printer in Windows and choose the printer you want to use at any given time. In addition, you can easily manage printing for all your programs from Windows.

Related to printing are scanners, which you can use to scan illustrations and documents. While the specifics of using your particular scanner will be different, you can learn how to set up your scanner in this part.

Finally, digital cameras have become popular add-ons to the home computer. If you have a digital camera, you can find out in this part how to set up that camera and manage the picture files.


  1. Adding a Printer

  2. Displaying Installed Printers

  3. Setting Printing Preferences

  4. Viewing Printer Properties

  5. Previewing a Document

  6. Printing a Document

  7. Viewing the Print Queue

  8. Canceling a Print Job

  9. Viewing Fonts

  10. Adding Fonts

  11. Setting Up a Scanner

  12. Setting Up a Digital Camera

  13. Printing Photographs

  14. Ordering Photo Prints from the Internet